Energo Product



Intercommunity Commerce Activity

As authorized distributor of HEKO Ketten GmbH (special bindings for clips and matrix crowns with C.I.F and Kratzer socket wheels), Retezarna a.s. Czech Republic (calibrated industrial chains) and Retezy-Vamberk spool Czech Republic (articulated chains with clips and bolts, Gall chains), as well as official partner of RUD Ketten (through RUD Florian Rieger Romania agency) for the Oltenia Energetic Complex, our company offers a wide range of chains with seamed chain links or rollers and flanges (Gall chains or carriers), chain wheels for operation, guidance or extension, scrapers, chains and attachment systems for elevators.

ENERGETIC INDUSTRY (coal steam power plants) and MININIG INDUSTRY in the following sectors:

  • Cleaning bands and Redller bands - we can provide tracking chains and bridle chains, sprocket, tie chains (for example: 18x50 DIN 764-2 calibrated industrial chain for CET Isalnita)

  • Scum and ashes transporter - for high resistance calibrated chain pressed chain wheels, flights and binding chains (chain 18x64-11 binds and 26x92-5 or 7 or 9 binds , 26 x 100 with 19, 21 or 79 binds according to DIN 2252 and 23x80- 11 binds according to DIN 764-3 and correspondent binding chains)

  • Coal conveyor belts, HIDRO installations or Kratzer drives - Gall type chains with 1, 2 or 3 rows in European format (e.g. 20B-1, 24B-2, 32B-3 according to DIN 8187 = ISO 606) or in American format (e.g. 16A-1, 20A-2,24A-3 etc. according to DIN 8188 = ISO 606).


  • For oil and sugar factories and cereal storing houses- we provide transporting chains with clips and flights (TLC type) and chain wheels of the Romanian equivalent of 7";9";13" types

  • The products are manufactured in Check Republic and Finland using high quality raw materials, which are far superior to those used by national producers. The viability of these products is at least double reporting to that of the indigenous products.


  • calibrated chains and chain wheels; TLT type binding chains for raw material transporting (for instance 16x80 DIN 762-2 chain used at COS Targoviste and at Siderurgica Hunedoara).


  • Calibrated chains 18 x 50 mm; 23x 80 mm; 30 x 84 mm; 20 x120 mm.


  • Parts for chain variable speed drives and speed reducer gears, Gall chains and filtering elements


  • calibrated chains 22 x 120 mm and special chains for log transportation.


  • For VZ type speed variators with laminated chains (manufactured by TOS ZNOJMO Check Republic)

Other products for which we are direct or authorized importers for the subsidiaries in Romania, with special use in the energetic industry:

  • large dimension fixed spiral springs imported from Germany - with coil diameter max. 70 mm filters / filtering elements imported from Germania, used at RENK reducers;

  • CRANE mechanic seals (imported from Check Republic) used at main pumps and wet-air pumps

  • Filter or filtering elements Boll & Kirch, Pall, ZPM Manheim, Internormen, SAI Aqustique etc;

  • Throws, pipe reductors for boilers OLT 45K3, 16Mo3K3, 14MoCrlOK3 with max.48 mm pipe width (imported from Check Republic);

  • Non-asbestos materials (chords, canvas for compensators, special straps) - Jaeger - Gummi & Kunstoff GmbH Germany products;

  • Alloyed pipes for tanks according to DIN 2448/ DIN 17175 (EN 10216-2) with various dimensions and properties: 16Mo3; 13CrMo44; 10CrMo9.10; 14MoV6.3; X20CrMoV12.1;

  • special couplings of the KTR-ROTEX; NOR-MEX G148 and POSIMIN NZN-330 E300 type (used on the pre-supply pump EPA 44 type) + import from Germany (made by KTR Kupplungstechnick, Flender- Seimens, Tschan etc);

  • Cogged couplings of the 36TLH for the viror clutch of the TPA type - import from France;

  • Allweiler pumps (e.g. CNB50-250 for cooling stator bars generator 3)

  • Pieces for burners with decreased Nox (special lamps made by Hamamatsu Japan, Fives-Pillard France original pieces)

Construction activity

ENERGETICS INDUSTRY(at steam power plants with coal and fuel oil) spare parts and equipments for:

  • Fuel economy: greasing reductors plant cone shaped unit curve toothing for reductors with rotation gear and bucket wheel, hydraulics equipment for displacement mechanism, rotation and superstructure (including Rexroth import, carbon machine;TRELLPACT bars, taking over coal table, speed supervisor and detecting element for KRUPP funnel, oil brakes and hydraulics lifter, detecting elements uncentring belt, spare parts with revolving boiler grate and rotary hammer -type breakers;

  • After burning grate (GPA): rolling part (chain, distance pipes, grate bars, rolls, etc), pieces for hydraulics sealing made of stainless steel and heat - resistant ; driving sheaves, lateral rolls and middle idlers;

  • Breeze and ashing conveyer (Kratzer - including for bl.4 and bl.5 CET Turceni): mining conveyor calibrate of high abrasive resistance (import from Czech Republic and Germany), chain links, cleanser (including cleanser with chain links RUD), driving wheels with pressed rim and CIF driven shafts, reverse shafts, auxiliary shafts, idlers, etc;

  • Flushing-out: ash ejector (including from the nodular cast iron and ejector nozzle NIHARD - bl.4 and 5 CET Turceni), pipes and whinstone bends, etc;

  • Electric filter: emission and sedimentation actuating gearmotor, emission system subassemblies, hammer, bolts and special roves;

  • Ventilator mills (MV/MVC): wear pieces (brackets made of 13CrMo4-5, brackets, fan blades, aprons, secures, bolts, hammers, separating shields etc, filter oil cooler for gear assemblies and filtering elements (import from ZPM Germany);

  • Vortex wheels and auxiliaries power house: double - ended bolts, bell nut, bolts, roves made from special heat - resistant material, filters with /without chimney and magnetic runner for EPA and TPA, compensators, spare parts metal fittings (inclusive VIR and VR) spare partsa for condens water pumps, feed pumps/ main pump (shells, bushings, steel tension rods, sylphon, special sealing - inclusive sealings imported from Burgmman and Crane);

  • Lampback blowers: spare parts and sub-ensembles from their componence, including blower carts.


  • Mining tested chain, steel welded chains, Gall's Chains according to EN 606 (replaces STAS 5174-66);

  • Spare parts for drag conveyers TR 3, TR 4;

  • Breakes drums and hydraulics lifters;


  • We manufacture transporting chains with 7", 9", 13" flights, the respective chain wheels, axes, - helical conveyer,elevator buckets, various metalware

  • We manufacture 7",9", 13" chain rolls, with OLC35/ 45 STAS 880-88 improved body, with - double-capsuled rollers and oil sealing rings


  • It is the second important market for Energo-Product.
    spare parts and sub-ensembles for metallic conveyors 1000, 1200 and 1800 mm (Wedag type) and grinding mills: flights, axes, rollers, steel or bronze bearings for cementing, curved plates, articulation axes, spiral springs of large dimensions for the grinding mills.



  • Various products manufactured according to beneficiary’s documentations or according to a model