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About us

About us

The company was founded in October 2001 by Mr. Ionel Calin, a largely experienced engineer in what concerns the manufacturing components and equipment for the energetic system. Later Mr. Gabriel Nicolae, an engineer specialist in internal and external commercial transactions has been co-opted as a shareholder.

In 2001 the first commercialization convention ("Vereinbarung") with the Austrian company FB Ketten Kufstein was completed (we wish to thank Mrs. Gina Andrei who played an important part in the company’s development); Subsequently over 20 conventions were completed with companies from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic,ance and Italy (directly with them or through the subsidiaries in Romania). In 2002 the production workhouse was set up in the location rented from SC Promoterm SA from 19 Dudesti - Pantelimon Street, nr. 19, 3rd District, the production activity (and abilities) being moved subsequently to the initially rented location purchased by SCM Electrobobinaj from 2E Iosifesti Street, zipcode 032981, 3rd District.

The implementation in 2001 of the quality standard ISO 9002 was continued in 2003 with the ISO 9001 standard, rectified in 2006.

Since 2008, we started implementing and certifying the ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system and, later on, ISO 14001: environmental management and ISO 18001: labour health and security.

NEW: In our workshop on Iosifesti Street, No. 2E, District 3, we initiated and developed the spare parts manufacturing and rehabilitation activity for third-party clients. Here we execute mechanical processing (turning, milling, drilling, mortising, redressing etc.) and metallic confections (cutting, rolling up, welding, blanking etc.) for regional partners with diverse requests (reconditioning for repairing cars and production tools, manufacturing spare parts and subassemblies based on drawing or mapping).


The company was founded in October 2000 by Mr. Ionel Calin, a largely experienced engineer in what concerns the manufacturing components and equipment for the energetic system. Later Mr. Gabriel Nicolae, an engineer specialist in internal and external commercial transactions has been co-opted as a shareholder.

- During 2001 - 2004 the company's development has a strongly ascendant curve as it comes out of both the turnover: (1.2 billion ROL/2001; 5.1 billion ROL/2002; 16.3 billion ROL/2003; 27.1 billion ROL/2004) as well as in the evolution of the personnel number (from 2 persons in 2001 to 9 persons in 2004).

- Initially then company included commerce in the activity profiles, especially with import products destined to the energy system and to the sugar and oil manufacturing plants: chains with welded binds, chains with clips (and flights), chain wheels, flights, etc.

- In 2002 the production department was incorporated in the rented location on the Dudesti - Pantelimon Street no. 177, with initial destination: thermal plants components. Subsequently, during the 4th trimester of 2005 the location was moved to the section from 2E Iosifesti Street (the former Garii Catelu Street).

- The financial accumulations transformed in November 2005 in the closure, and in Mai 2006 in the acquisition of a production section at SCM Electrobobinaj (a surface of 700 square meters and a warehouse of 300 square meters), the activity developing entirely in this location: 2E Iosifesti Street, code 032981, 3rd District.

- During the period 2005 - 2007 the development followed both the modernization of the production department as well as its endowment with new production means which granted the company a wider perspective and a diversification of the performance possibilities (processing).

- During 2008-2013, our revenue has constantly maintained on an over EUR 1 million level, Energo-Product becoming an important supplier for the Romanian thermal plants, as well as for the Carpatcement and Interagro Holding units.

- The turnover maintains at an increased level with a maximum in 2006 determined by a favorable turn of events on the market: 2.618 million lei/2005; 3.998 million lei/2006 that is over 1 million EUR and 2.847 million lei/2007.

- And the personnel number maintained the positive trend in the economically favorable period (2006-2012), reaching a maximum of 19 employees. Later on (2013-2014), the negative evolution of the Romanian economy and especially of the electric energy demand on the internal market, as well as the support of alternative energy (wind and solar) lead to a significant decrease of solid fuel (coal) and gas based electric energy production. That is the reason the Energo-Product activity decreased, and the company was forced to adjust the personnel number (decreased to 12 people in 2014).

- The coherent managerial policy of the 2 administrators / shareholders placed on the first place the use of resources in the purpose of the continuous development of the company through profit reinvestment, quantitative and qualitative development of personnel and production abilities, increase in the product and services’ quality and respect for the internal and external clients and suppliers.

- In the Summer of 2013 Mr. Calin Ionel leaves the company due to personal reasons.

General information


  • VAT Identification number: RO 13368889.

  • Registering Certificate: J40/8461/2000- Registeration of Commerce of Bucharest.

  • Activity objects on areas:
    - CAEN code 2811 – Making of steel constructions and component parts of sleel structure;
    - CAEN code 5181 – Wholesale trade of machines;
    - CAEN code 5119 – Intermediary in trade with different products;
    - CAEN code 2874 – Making of bolts, screws, chains and arches;
    - CAEN code 4521 – Building constructions and urban public workes.

  • Headquarters (address of the company): Iosifesti Street No. 2E; 032981; The C22 Construction; District 3; Bucharest.
    Area Gara Catelu, towards the COMEX custom.

  • Geographical mark: towards COMEX Customs.

  • Main business targets: thermo-electric energy producers, sugar and oil factories, cement factories, metallurgical plants, etc.